At our core we are a LA-based donut company housed in a food truck creating sway-worthy fried dough flavors and delicious coffee.  We push out donuts that are never pretty but always bangin' and full of flavor. Forever our goal to give you a treat that nods at your nostalgia but respects your palate. Foundation built on taking something as simple and beloved as fried dough and sugar to new heights. Letting the seasons hold our menu creation hand, we believe fully in the ingredients we wrestle with while coming up with wild combinations to keep it fresh and bringing you back for more.  

We party better than the invited guests, and will bring a unique light-hearted professionalism to any event. We fit in all shapes and sizes, and will go toe-to-toe with any other fried dough slinger. We live for sugar, slow jams, first dates, parental favoritism, connections, community, and non binary memories. Find us. We're worth the hustle.  Letting you escape for a simple moment we want to be where simplicity rides head first into fried dough deliciousness that make you want to share, however, there is no way you are going to share. In return you tell us who you used to listen to, what you favorite song off that album was and that you expect us to play them the next time you come around.